Orchestral Conductors Academy

Efter i mange år at have ledet dirigentkurser i Kapelmesterforeningens regi, bl.a. i Danmark, Rusland, Ukraine og Letland, har en af mine første elever, dirigenten Martin Åkerwall og jeg selv, startet projektet ‘Orchestral Conductors Academy’.

Kurset henvender sig til de mange internationale dirigenter og dirigentspirer der derigennem kan få de bedste muligheder for at udvikle sig og indhøste erfaring under kyndig vejledning.


Martin Åkerwall skriver på OCAs egen hjemmeside:


The Orchestral Conductors Academy is a Nordic Cultural concept that offers international masterclasses for conductors.

We take pride in meeting the demands for masterclasses with high quality and fully equipped orchestras. Efficient professional coaching and teaching ensures the participant a “no-nonsense” podium time experience. We want your participation in our masterclasses to be as beneficial for your development and career as a conductor as possible.

The OCA masterclasses takes place in both Scandinavian and Europe and provides conductors the possibility to optimize their conducting skills in front of an orchestra conducting the principal symphonic repertoire including opera, ballet, symphony and chamber music. The tutoring includes analyzing scores, conducting and rehearsal techniques, performance practice, aspects of psychological and rhetoric communication techniques.

The masterclasses are for all-level participants who wants to improve their skills in ensemble leadership and orchestral conducting in all its aspects. We welcome professional conductors, conducting students, chorus masters, bandmasters, instrumentalists, music teachers. In fact our philosophy embraces the knowledge-sharing of conductors with different levels of experience. All masterclasses are international and there are no limit of age for participation.

We occasionally gives masterclasses with brass bands and concert bands for band-leaders.

The OCA not only gives masterclasses that includes podium time in front of a symphony orchestra with highly qualified maestros. We want to cover all demands in leadership. We are proud to give our participants the possibility to attend lectures with world-renowned management consultant, author and public speaker, Claus Moller. On some of our masterclasses he will share his knowledge on practical leadership, innovative thinking, career planning, business management and emotional psychology. Some of the masterclasses will even be held at his beautiful domicile in South France



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